Delaware Standalone LLC
An overview of the Delaware Standalone LLC structure.

What is a Standalone LLC?

A standalone Delaware Limited Liability Corporation ("LLC") is one of the most common and flexible entity types in the US. As the name suggests, this entity structure manages its members' legal and financial liability for activity relating to the corporation. It is also far more flexible than a standard corporation with minimal governance and administrative paperwork.
Also unlike the standard corporation, LLCs offer pass-through taxation. This means income (or losses) from the LLC flow through to its owners who pay taxes in their personal tax returns without having to pay a separate corporate tax. Owners will have to pay an annual fee to maintain their entity, as well as an annual registered agent fee if you are not conducting business out of the state.
You can learn more about this entity structure from the registered agent's website here.

Does my club need a Standalone LLC?

Choosing to create a Standalone LLC for an investment club provides a number of important advantages—such as enabling the club to invest in startup equity, helping manage club members' legal and financial liability, supporting tax filings, and empowering clubs with off-chain abilities like opening bank accounts, paying service providers, and more.
Whether a legal entity is needed for your investment club is ultimately determined by you, the admin(s), and members of the investment club. Syndicate recommends that all investment clubs should consult with their own tax and legal counsel for their particular situation.
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What is a Standalone LLC?
Does my club need a Standalone LLC?