Add Members to a Club
Step-by-step guide on invite members to your club on Syndicate.
IMPORTANT: Anyone with the link to your club will be able to deposit into it, so do NOT share your investment club's link publicly. Public link sharing may lead to securities laws violations and other adverse consequences for you, your members, and your club. We'll be adding an ability to allowlist people into investment clubs via NFTs soon. We'll share more information once it's available via our Discord and Twitter.
Every member needs a web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) to join an investment club on Syndicate. They will need this wallet to deposit, view the investment club's dashboard, receive the club's tokens (ERC-20s), and accept distributions. Please advise your members to not make deposits directly from centralized exchange wallets or accounts.

Quick Overview

Inviting members to join your investment club is easy—just privately share (e.g., email, Telegram, Discord) the link to your investment club with the people you're permitting to join, and they'll be able to deposit into and join your club in a few clicks.
  1. 1.
    Go to your admin dashboard (jump to section)
  2. 2.
    Create a legal entity (learn more here)
  3. 3.
    Provide information to generate your legal documents - if applicable (jump to section)
  4. 4.
    Digitally sign your legal documents - if applicable (jump to section)
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    Share the club's deposit link (jump to section)
You have now invited new members to your investment club! If you need more information, see the detailed step-by-step guide below.

1/ Go to your admin dashboard

When you connect the wallet you used to create your club, you will be taken to your admin dashboard where you can generate your deposit link. Once you click the generate button on the right side of your dashboard, you will have the option to proceed with creating the legal documents that are required to be signed by both the admin and the members. This only applies to clubs that choose to create a legal entity. Please check the information here to make decisions regarding legal entity creation. If you need help forming one, please fill out this form.
Modal to generate your club's deposit link
Based on your decision for legal entity creation, choose the appropriate option in the modal shown below and proceed.
Please do not proceed with legal document signing if you have not already created a legal entity and received the certificate of incorporation. Also, please do not accept deposits before the completion of the entity creation.
Legal document signing modal
If you chose "No", you will be able to grab the deposit link immediately as shown in step 4.

2/ Provide information to generate your legal documents

If you have a legal entity for your club, the admin and the club members are required to sign operating and subscription agreements. You can now sign these legal documents through our webapp.
Please have the following information ready before you proceed with the document signing.
  • Full entity name for the investment club (it should be available in your certificate of incorporation document and end with "LLC", "L.L.C." or "Limited Liability Company")
  • Full legal name(s) of the initial member(s) who will perform admin functions for the club
  • Arbitration location where the disputes of the club will be resolved
  • General purpose statement that explains the purpose of the club
  • An email address to send the legal paperwork to
  • Full legal name and email of outside counsel (if your club has one)
Once you have the above information ready, you can proceed to fill the form shown below. You can also click on either "Generate deposit link" button highlighted in green or "Change" highlighted in blue in the top right panel of your admin dashboard anytime to proceed with the legal information collection form.
Legal document generation form

3/ Digitally sign your legal documents

Once you have filled the form, and clicked on "Generate my documents". The documents with your inputs will be generated for your review and signature. Please carefully review the documents and click on "Sign" when ready. This will trigger a digital wallet signing transaction which when approved in your wallet, will place the signature in the appropriate sections of the two documents as shown below.
Signed legal documents within the webapp
If you need to customize the legal documents for your specific case, please consult your legal counsel and download our example documents from here.
If you wish to draft or bring your own legal documents, all of the admin and club member signatures will need to be done and received manually by the club admin outside of the Syndicate platform.

4/ Share the club's deposit link

You can now send the documents to your club members for signature (if you have a legal entity) along with the deposit link to join your club.
Do not share the deposit link publicly as this may violate securities laws. Learn more on the SEC's website.
Sending legal documents (only applicable for clubs with a legal entity) along with deposit link to club members
You can also generate and copy the deposit link any time from within your admin dashboard as shown below.
Deposit link to your investment club at the top right of your club's dashboard
If you wish to change the legal entity status of your club (from having no entity to creating one), please fill this form to get the process started. Upon completion of entity creation (which will be relayed to you via email by doola), you can click on the "Change" link highlighted in blue within the deposit modal as shown above to generate the operating and subscription agreement legal documents that can be signed by you and your club members.
Investment club admins and members are responsible for following the necessary legal, regulatory, and tax laws for their jurisdictions—in terms of how they are created, marketed, operated, and communicated. Syndicate encourages all clubs and members to consult with their own legal and tax counsel. Please read some of our FAQs on investment clubs and legal/compliance.
Investment club admins often choose to privately share the deposit link to their club via email, Telegram, or Discord—directly with people whom they know well and frequently co-invest together. The email or message also often includes additional context, instructions, and clear rules about what members should and should not do, such as:
  • The background and purpose of the investment club
  • The strategy, focus, timing, targets, and exit plans for the investment club
  • How the investment club plans to source, decision, and support investments
  • How governance for the investment club will work—including on-chain and off-chain
  • Any legal, regulatory, or tax considerations for your jurisdiction(s) from your counsel
  • Rules around who can and cannot join the investment club (e.g., accredited investors)
  • Rules related to what people should and should not do (e.g., not publicly sharing the link)
  • Instructions for when and how to join the investment club
  • Clear guidance on what happens if/when a member breaks any rules
  • As applicable, links to any additional documents (e.g., legal) that may also require action
  • The timeline and next steps
  • The deposit link to the investment club on Syndicate
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Quick Overview
1/ Go to your admin dashboard
2/ Provide information to generate your legal documents
3/ Digitally sign your legal documents
4/ Share the club's deposit link
How should I share the deposit link with members? Is there other information I should include?