Add Members to a Collective
Step-by-step guide on invite members to your collective on Syndicate.
Every member needs a web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) to join a collective on Syndicate. They will need this wallet to mint and hold the collective's NFTs, view the collective's dashboard, and more. Please advise your members to not mint directly from centralized exchange wallets or accounts.

Quick Overview

Inviting members to join your collective is easy—just share the link to your collective with the people you're permitting to join, and they'll be able to join your collective in a few clicks.
  1. 1.
    Go to your admin dashboard (jump to section)
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    Share the collective's claim link (jump to section)
You have now invited new members to your collective! If you need more information, see the detailed step-by-step guide below.

1/ Go to your admin dashboard

When you connect the wallet you used to create your collective, you will be taken to your admin dashboard where you can generate your claim link.
Collectives Claim link modal

2/ Share the collective's claim link

If your invite settings are unrestricted, then anyone with the claim link, regardless of whether you sent them the link or not, will be able to join your collective.
Collectives' admins and members are responsible for following the necessary legal, regulatory, and tax laws for their jurisdictions—in terms of how they are created, marketed, operated, and communicated. Syndicate encourages all admins and members to consult with their own legal and tax counsel.
Assuming you're following your jurisdiction's guidelines, you may share your collective link however you wish!
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Quick Overview
1/ Go to your admin dashboard
2/ Share the collective's claim link
How should I share the claim link?