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About Syndicate

Syndicate is building the investing infrastructure for web3.

Within the next decade, investing will be decentralized, democratized, and community-driven. Syndicate is building primitives that will empower communities to raise, coordinate, and invest capital like never before. This will have a profound impact by expanding what gets funded and built in the world—by whom, for whom, and where. It’ll level the playing field, empower communities of builders, creatives, influencers, and friends to invest in new ideas and world-changing technologies, and introduce radical new models for investing to society that are fundamentally more open, free, and fair.
Our first product is Web3 Investment Clubs, which is just the first step in developing a full suite of DAO tools for Web3 communities to invest and allocate capital in Web3-native ways.
Our latest product is Web3 Collectives, which is the first of many social networking primitives for Web3 that will revolutionize how communities and capital work together.
In the future, this combination of novel financial and social primitives may enable founders to raise capital instantly from their social networks, investors to syndicate deals just-in-time on-demand, communities of contributors to provide services for ownership, and so much more. Collectives and Investment Clubs are laying the foundation for this future.

Syndicate Offerings

Investment Clubs allow anyone to create and manage an investment club on Ethereum or Polygon in seconds.
  • An unlimited number of on-chain investment clubs can be created instantly, on-demand
  • Run as DAOs on Ethereum or Polygon with a wallet (Metamask, Gnosis) and Syndicate’s smart contracts
  • Syndicate’s smart contracts automate the management of deposits, cap tables, reporting, distributions, and more
  • Optional legal infrastructure enables legal entity creation for off-chain investments and supports compliance
  • Composable with other Syndicate tools and the broader web3 ecosystem
Collectives allow anyone to launch on-chain social networks that are composable across web3—for your DAO, community, company, co-investors, LPs, investment club members, friend group, and more—in just a few clicks.
  • Built on open industry standards through ERC-721s—not platforms that lock communities into proprietary systems
  • Decentralized, meaning your social network doesn’t live on someone else’s platform, service, or protocol—your social network is an ERC-721 smart contract owned by your community and no one else (including Syndicate)
  • Composable and interoperable across all of web3—whether it’s a permissioning system, communications app, governance tool, collaboration software, investment club, or anything built by Syndicate or the industry today and in the future
  • Modular, upgradable, and personalizable so that developers can create modules like custom mint mechanisms and role management systems for Collectives—and also so Collectives’ admins can manage roles, design organizational structures, and evolve the Collective’s image and identity over time, among many other things

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About Syndicate
Syndicate Offerings
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