Navigate the Club Dashboard

How to navigate your investment club dashboard.

General View

Syndicate's dashboard is your view into all of your club's information. It captures details about the club's deposits, assets, activities and cap table.
Club's general dashboard view

1/ Name & Club Token

At the top of your dashboard, you'll see your club name and club token ticker that was chosen during the setup process. Both of these in some cases may not represent the actual name of your community in order to protect the privacy of the investment club on-chain. The club token ticker is the name of the token that will be used to represent your stake in the cap table. For example, if you deposit $5,000 USDC into a club, you will receive 5,000 $ATBO (or whatever your club ticker is) tokens in return. If you deposit 50 ETH into a club, you will receive 500,000 $ATBO (or whatever your club ticker is) tokens in return.

2/ Total & Remaining Deposits

At setup, your club administrator set a maximum deposit amount (in dollars) for the club. Your club is not required to hit the maximum, but the tracker is useful to understand 1) how much USDC / ETH your club currently has raised and 2) the volume of expected deposits yet to be made (as a percentage of the maximum).

3/ Club Token Supply

As explained above, a custom club token will be minted on deposit proportional to the amount of USDC deposited. For example, depositing $5,000 USDC will result in receiving 5,000 $SYN (and depositing 50 ETH into a club, will result in 500,000 $SYN) token in return as a means of representing your stake in the cap table. The cap table composition is based on the number of tokens minted as opposed to the max supply of the token shown above.
In general, the number of club tokens minted should be proportional to the amount of USDC or ETH deposited, unless the club admin has manually minted additional tokens. The ability to mint additional tokens is only available to the admin who created the club on-chain.

4/ Member Count & Close Date

Finally, the dashboard's general view as shown above includes a member count (number of depositors), a maximum member count shown in parentheses, and a close date (the day that the club will stop accepting deposits).

Admin view

All of the above information is displayed for all members of the club including the admin. The following are only available to the admin.
Deposit link generator, legal entity creation help, and club token minting modal
The club's status for accepting deposits is displayed at the top of the modal that is available in the right side of your landing dashboard. Additionally, you can always generate your club's deposit link in the same modal.
You can also reach out to our partner services for entity creation from within your dashboard by clicking on "Create an off-chain legal entity" and learn more from our gitbook about different entities' information along with example legal templates that are available for download by clicking "Learn more". To create a legal entity, please fill this form.
You can now modify your club settings by clicking on "Modify settings" from within your dashboard.
Manager settings modal
This allows you to reopen your club for deposits, edit the deposit acceptance duration, change maximum amount, and edit the number of members. The modal also presents you with the estimated gas price information to make the changes on-chain.
Modifying club settings
For more details on modifying club settings, check out this page here.

Member view

In addition to the general club information as displayed here, the club members have the deposit modal on the right of the dashboard. It states the club's status for accepting deposits on the top. Once you input the amount you'd like to deposit, the continue button will activate and you can proceed to the next steps as captured here. As long as the club is accepting deposits, the members will be able to deposit through this modal. Once the club is closed, this modal's status will change to "Closed to deposits".
Club fund deposit modal