Common questions related to Syndicate Protocol.

Which blockchain is Syndicate Protocol built on?

Syndicate Protocol has been deployed to Ethereum (L1) and Polygon (L2). We are actively preparing for deployment of the Syndicate Protocol to other chains and L2s.

Do you intend to support other chains?

While we have not set a specific timeline, we expect to deploy Syndicate Protocol to other chains and L2s in the near future.

Has Syndicate Protocol received security audits?

Our contracts are audited and formally verified. We have been through three audits from top auditors for both our V1 and V2 protocols.

How can I contribute to the protocol?

The protocol is not yet open source as we continue to develop it with a number of Web3 partners and users. Feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected] if you have specific ideas for how you'd like to contribute.

Do you store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?

Syndicate does not store any PII. However, when you create an investment club on Syndicate, the club name and club token name are publicly available on-chain. If privacy is important, you should use a code name or the random name generator to mask the identity of your investment club.

Does Syndicate have a token?

Syndicate does NOT have a token. Please beware of scams claiming the presence or airdrops of Syndicate or Syndicate-related tokens. (Note: An investment club's tokens are non-transferrable, represent ownership in the club, are intended for things like on-chain governance for a particular club—they are not Syndicate Protocol tokens.)