Running a Collective

Recommendations for customizing your collective's social experiences across web3.
While Syndicate provides a flexible infrastructure for collectives to compose with almost any web3 tool, there are a few frequently-used tools we recommend using your collective with.

Quick Overview

This page provides information on common tools for you to compose your collective with as well as best practices for managing your collective:
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1/ Composing Your Collective

The Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask, Gnosis multi-sig) the admin used to create the collective on Syndicate is the collective's wallet.
Your collective's contract address is the alphanumeric value in your collective's URL.
For example, if your URL is ',' then 0xe96d9e90aae6769f6b01f92ea313014de1bffe0b is your contract adddress.
While Syndicate provides a flexible infrastructure for collectives to compose with almost any web3 tool, there are a few frequently-used tools we recommend using your collective with:

Investment Clubs

Use your Collective NFTs to token-gate your Syndicate Investment Club!
With investment clubs, you can now permission access for deposits to only holders of certain ERC-20s or ERC-721s. When combined with collectives, this new feature allows you to rally your on-chain community around your investment club.
Collectives creation flow


Foster an exclusive space for your Collective on Discord and Telegram with Collab.Land!
With Collab.Land, you can create a unique social space for your community on your favorite platform. Since Collectives are built on ERC-721, you can form and manage TGRs (token-granted roles) in your community based on rich metadata conditions! Furthermore, Collab.Land bots automatically track your community's permissions for you, allowing and denying access membership access based on token holdings. Enrich your collective's organizational experience with Collab.Land today!
Collab.Land features


Automate your Collective's membership management with Guild!
With Guild, you can bring your collective to your favorite communication platforms, management tools, and games. In the future, you'll be able to create exclusive levels in your Guild using your collective NFTs and deepen your collective's organizational structure with rich metadata.
Guild integrations


Onboard, coordinate, and govern your Collective with Lobby!
With Lobby, you can build powerful, token-gated documents for your collective. More specifically, you can leverage your collective NFTs to onboard new members through your knowledge base, control the flow of information in your community, and coordinate sub-DAO workstreams, all by tokenizing access with your collective.
Token gate documents using Lobby


Perform secure, token-enabled governance for your Collective with Snapshot!
With Snapshot, you can execute flexible, gasless proposals for your collective. Leverage your collective NFTs to host secure votes and keep your community aligned on the future.
Token-enabled governance with Snapshot


Engage your Collective with Dispatch’s messaging tools!
With Dispatch, you can send on-chain messages directly to your collective's members using custom filter, design, and mint functionalities. Broadcast critical updates, share governance proposals, send event invites, and so much more to keep your collective informed.
Web3 messaging using Dispatch


Permission access to exclusive media for your Collective with Luma!
With Luma, you can foster meaningful relationships within your collective via events, newsletters, and community analytics. Grow your collective by cutting through the noise, identifying your most active members, and engaging your community with unique experiences.
Token gate your community activities with Luma


Brand your Collective through token-gated merchandise, experiences, and more with Shopify!
With shopify, you can upgrade your collective by giving members exclusive access to your merch, events, and more. From flexible mobile shops to in-store shopping spaces, your collective is the key to unlocking token-gated commerce experiences.
Token gate your merch using Shopify


Plan IRL events, invite members, and verify attendance for your Collective with Gatekeeper by FWB!
With Gatekeeper, you can create token-enabled physical experiences for your collective by forming events and managing attendance against your set of token-based criteria. Set up an event page, invite friends, and confirm who's coming, all while keeping your collective at the heart of your community's experience.
Token-enabled physical experiences through Gatekeep

2/ Managing Your Collective

Collectives are inherently social. Members of your collective will most likely be discussing various community events, social experiences, and, if you use your collective to token-gate an investment club, investment opportunities, portfolio updates, sales decisions, due diligence, and much more on a regular basis. You'll likely need a messaging platform to house this communication━here are some options:
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    Create a Telegram group. Many web3 communities today begin with a Telegram group (or a group chat on a similar app). This is simply a way to centralize conversations for the community, but it also enables simple voting, event management, etc.
  2. 2.
    Create a Discord server. At a certain scale, simple group chats can become unwieldy. Discord servers have become the go-to way for web3 communities to talk, work, and build. Many collectives use Discord as their home base.
  3. 3.
    Create a Discourse. Sometimes synchronous conversation doesn't fit the needs of a collective. Discourse, or other forum software, allows for more long-form, persistent conversations within a community and can either be used in conjunction with a group chat or completely independently.
Regardless of your choice, having a way for collective members to communicate is absolutely critical.

3/ Managing Membership

These tools are intended to help collectives manage their membership, help maintain compliance, and account for uncommon situations. Uses of these tools for other intended purposes should be consulted with their legal and tax advisors.

Adding members

If you'd like to add members to your collective, please see the guide here.

Removing members

If you're an admin that would like to remove members from your collective, or if you are a member looking to remove yourself from a collective, please see the guide here.