Navigate the Collective Dashboard

How to navigate your collective dashboard.
A dashboard for managing your collective

General View

Syndicate's dashboard is your view into all of your collective's information. It captures details about the collective's admins, members, activities, tokens, and more.
List of your Collectives

1/ Artwork

In the top-left corner of your dashboard, you'll see your collective's NFT image. Please note that the image file will live in IPFS and Pinata and that the metadata will always be in your control.

2/ Status and Expiration

As an admin, you can open membership again anytime after closing via an on-chain transaction with gas.
There is also a status indicating if your collective is open or closed to new members. If you are a potential member that wants to join a collective, but it's closed to new members, contact the collective admin directly for more information.
Additionally, you can find the expiration parameter for your collective, which determines when your collective closes to new members.

3/ Member count and Price per NFT

These values represent how many unique wallets are holding your collective's NFTs and how much it costs for new members to join your collective (in addition to gas fees), respectively.

Admin view

All of the above information is displayed for all members of the collective including the admin. However, only the admin has the ability to generate their collective's claim link (as shown below).
Collectives claim link modal

Member view

The "Members" and "Activity" views are only available to admins and members (those who have claimed the collective's NFT):
Array of members
If you have not yet claimed the collective's NFT, you'll see the following screens:
Members only view of activity section