Modify Collective Settings

How to modify your collective's settings post-launch.

Quick Overview

Modify key settings of your collective after it has launched with a few clicks—just navigate to your admin dashboard, click "Modify collective," and update your name, artwork, description, minting parameters, and/or transferability.
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    Go to your admin dashboard (jump to section)
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    Input and submit changes (jump to section)
If you need more information, see the detailed step-by-step guide below.

1/ Go to your admin dashboard

After connecting with your collective's wallet, you will be taken to your admin dashboard where you can find the gear icon (with "Modify collective" as the hover text) in the upper left-hand corner of the page.
Collective name, settings, and hyperlinks
Once inside the settings modal, you can modify your collective's name, artwork, description, and transferability. If you'd like to modify minting parameters, trigger the "Open to new members" toggle, at which point you can update the invitation method, price per NFT, max per wallet, and claim expiration.
Collective's Status

2/ Input and submit changes

Modify your name, artwork, description, minting parameters, and/or transferability inside the modal. After inputting your new parameters, make sure that your connected wallet has enough funds for gas (an estimate from Syndicate is provided in-app). If your wallet has sufficient funds, click "Submit changes." Be sure to carefully analyze and sign transactions prompted by your wallet at this time.
Modifying the Collective's settings
That's it! You've now updated your collective's settings.