Common questions on Syndicate and investment clubs.

What can I create on Syndicate?

Currently, Syndicate enables you to create Web3 Investment Clubs. Syndicate can also help you create legal entities for your investment club(s).

What is an Investment Club?

An investment club is a group of people who pool their capital and make investments together. Read these FAQs on investment clubs here.

Why create an investment club on Syndicate?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) enable collective decision-making, investing, and ownership at scale natively on the internet. Web3 Investing Clubs on Syndicate apply these ideas specifically to investing: collectively allocating capital to communities, projects, and startups in Web3—for example:
  • Friends investing together in NFTs, tokens, and startups
  • Investing collectives (e.g., employees, alumni, affinity groups)
  • Web3 communities investing in their and other ecosystems
  • Grant-making and public goods funding organizations
  • ...and much more!
The beauty of Web3 Investment Clubs on Syndicate is in their composability and flexibility. Each investment club on Syndicate is powered by ERC20 tokens on the backend, which enable full composability with Web3 governance tools, DAO tools, community management tools, and much more. Additionally, the investment clubs on Syndicate can make investments into ERC20 tokens, NFTs, and startup equity off-chain (with an off-chain legal entity)—and all on-chain investments are automatically presented in real-time in the investment club's dashboard on Syndicate.

How can I get involved in the Syndicate community?

Syndicate's Discord and Twitter are the best ways to engage with our community!
If you're interested in working with Syndicate to build the future of community-driven investing, send an email to [email protected].